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“3Sister’s SRLS”…

3 Sisters’ Accessori is an Italian fashion company located in Barletta (Apulia), where three women of different ages, nationalities and personal life experiences decided to get together and realise their dreams by creating a company that could fully reflect their ideas of ‘made in Italy’ and fashion. The name of the company is thus inspired by their special bond.

3 Sister’s Accessori is specialised in the production of hardware for the footwear, clothes and handbags industry such as eyelets, D-rings, buckles, snap hooks, chains,padlocks, patches for clothes, laces and so forth.

The company, after a long search, has established a sound partnership with a manufacturing company located in China, which works with European machines and has been granted Certifications by the SGS Corporation, thereby guaranteeing that not only our products fully comply with production policies but also that we wholly support environmentally friendly ways of production.

3 Sisters’ SRLS is an ODM and OEM business being able to provide both standard and personalised hardware designed from scratch. 

The majority of our hardware is realised with the zinc alloy die-casting process. This process is one of the finest and most versatile production methods. Zinc alloy has an excellent level of thermal conductivity, its melting point is of about 400°, hence lower compared to other metals, allowing to considerably lower the consumption of energy. It also confers great hardness, high quality and aesthetics. Moreover, this production process also enhances the durability of the hardware and it is also great against corrosion. 

Following the production process, the coating process is realised with the environmental electroplating process. Thus, two different plating processes are possible: barrel plating and rack plating. The choice may vary depending on our customers needs and on the type of hardware that we are producing. Lastly, each hardware undergoes the cataphoretic process to further improve quality and endurance. 

The materials used for our hardware are zamak, brass, iron and aluminium in the standard galvanisations like silver, gold, gun metal, rosè, multicolour, black, brass and others with several types of finishing such as brushed, opaque, combed and so on.

Thanks to the efficiency of our skilled team both in China and Italy, 3 Sisters guarantees assistance and cooperation to our customers throughout, from the design to the production stage.

3 Sisters is a start-up which wants to invest in young talents believing that their professional and personal experience gained abroad, in and outside Europe, represent an invaluable source for the company. The intent is that of supporting the concept of ‘made in Italy’ whilst maintaining a multi-cultural character and business approach.

Although our hardware is produced in China due to logistics and practical reasons, once the hardware is realised undergoes a further quality check in our Italian branch. Moreover, when necessary, part of the hardware is assembled, changed or adjusted in Italy by our skilled specialists.

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